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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lest We Forget - Vocal Point

Take Me In Your Arms
Lest We Forget
Vocal Point
Legacy LP 1003 S


  1. Crunchy Granola Suite? That's gotta be an instrumental... Y'know, this is an interesting and original arrangement of Take Me In Your Arms... It's not a simple cover. It's full of twists and turns not heard in the original. But the vocalist sounds tired. Probably had to record the whole album in a couple days. One take? Dehydration? Smoking?

  2. This is a great sounding band. I snickered when I was entering the tags in iTunes and started typing the album name. Within a few characters it autocompleted to "Lest We Forget - The Best of Marilyn Manson".

    Crunchy Granola Suite is a Neil Diamond song.