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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Two Sides Of Ginny And The Gallions

Hava Hagila
Ebb Tide
The Two Sides Of Ginny And The Gallons
Downey DLPS-1003

This is a "split" album featuring, for the most part on side one, Ginny's husband, Rex Gallion on trippy guitar and mandolin numbers.

From the back cover: In 1951 Rex organized the Veltones and then started looking for a girl singer. It was at this time Ginny Greer auditioned and became a part of the group. This was a happy relation because three years later Rex and Ginny were married.

Side two features Ginny's vocal treatments.

From the back cover: Ginny Greer, Gallion born, Virginia Culmsee, in Sioux City, Iowa and was the youngest of three daughters. She made her first professional appearance on Radio at the ripe old age of five years. She has always been in the entertainment field, either on Radio, T.V. or Records. Ginny loves to sing the ballads with a deep meaning in the lyric lines. As you listen, you too will be intrigued with her ability to bring you in and let you live the song with her. We know you will enjoy this side of the "Gallions" as much as we do.

Hava Nagila
Never On Sunday
The Third Man
The Lonely Bull
I Left My Heart In San Francisco
Moon River
I Wanna Be Around
Ebb Tide
Wheel Of Fortune
Up A Lazy River

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