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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Let's Do It - The Fall Guys

I Got The Music In Me
The Rockford Files
Let's Do It
The Fall Guys
Album Design and Photography by Scanlin
Engineering & Mixdown: Art Cole
Recorded at Baldwin Sound Productions, Inc.
Kahoots MRS8028


Jack Williams: Piano, Bass, Organ, Harpsichord, Vocals & Arrangements
Bill Laws: Reeds, Brass & Vocals
Joey Dio: Percussion & Vocals
Don Riech: Guitar, Banjo, Reeds & Vocals

How Sweet It Is
The Rockford Files
Could It Be Magic
Front Page Rag
I've Got The Music In Me

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  1. The Fall Guys were an incredible act live. I would see them in many times in 1966 and 1967 during the RatPack heyday era. Jack was primarily on bass in those years as the stages they appeared on weren't always large enough for keyboards. All five guys were stellar musicians and performers. All five were hilariously funny and their stage routines (4 sets a night) were simply wonderful to watch. And even though their "Sweet Sydney" routine would never pass in today's social environment, it was a hoot to watch during the LBJ years.

    1. Can you explain what the Sweet Sydney routine was? I'm intrigued.

  2. Be sure to add Ken Kuchar on the "personnel" list. He was the fantastic trumpet player and one of the five singers.

    During set #3, one of the skits was "Sweet Sydney" which began with a band vamp and periodic 4pt harmonies with just the words "Sweet Sydney" alternating between F-G chords. Bill would take on the personna of a gay guy.....keep in mind that this was 1967, Vietnam, LBJ, RatPack, conservative vs hothead..... a world had to be there. Bill, in character, would go into the woahs of his life, slowly singling out (usually very conservative males in the audience dinner crowd) to try and draw in to his the band continued to vamp on. The skit would go on for at least ten minutes, the crowd howling with laughter that was a little campy and a little creepy. Such were those days. Bill was so great on that bit. This is a band that should have had some sound/film archives to preserve its history. Which I told the guys ten/twenty years ago when I was able to connect with them. Alas, aside from the Benson & Hedges cigarette tv commercial they were in, the world will just not know about these great performers and the niche entertainment world they operated in as they bounced around the country in those years.

    1. They were in a B&H ad? I tried looking on YouTube, but there are tons, and so many are British.

  3. I just found a video with Don in it and I posted more Fall guys comments there-