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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Music Across America With The Euclid Youth Jazz Ensemble

Gonna Fly Now (Theme from "Rocky")
I'm In The Mood For Love
Music Across America
With The Euclid Youth Jazz Ensemble
Harry Kershey Director
Cover Art, Designer, Photographer and Logo Designer: Dan Cherney
Engineer: Michael G. Peters
Peter's Sound Recording Service
October 1979

Hay Burner
Moonlight Serenade
All Of Me
All My Life
After The Lovin'
Gonna Fly Now
Sugar Blues
I'm In The Mood For Love
Boogie Woogie
Hawaiian Medley
It Had To Be You
One O'Clock Jump


  1. Yowza! So much to love about this one. The hodgepodge of illustrations on the cover, Cindy's vocals are pretty good and exactly what I expected, but the solos in Gonna Fly Now are outstanding.

    1. The guitar bridge on "Gonna Fly" is worth the wait! Cheers! – Mark

  2. hi mark, thank you so much for all your grrreat work of posting forgotten jewels of the past! now they are saved for the future into a second life! my question referring to "the showcasemen live at the mickeys back door" is: what about the "beatles showcase" on this album? is it equally great like the stones cover? i surely would aprreciate it very much, if you could make a posting of the "beatles showcase". i´m a die-hard fab4-fan from bavaria. even if it's brand-new, i have a tipp for you, if you are generally interested in special music finds: i'm looking forward... watching you blog with BIG interest! cheers! norbert

    1. Hi Norbert! Thanks for the request. You'll be happy to know that I generally do feature The Beatles "cover" track. If you don't see the track sample that interests you posted it is because another track on the set offers more "punch" or is somehow more "fun" sounding. Have a great week! – Mark

    2. hi mark! thanks for your answer - i already guessed that missing punch or fun would be the reason not to post the beatles showcase. so i can save the money by not buying the original vinyl ;-) ps: you surely know about jim phelan's "exotic beatles" cd series?! he also does a great job on diggin' for rarest fab4 stuff. bur may be you are not interested in cd releases at all? did you check the thai beatles cd? however: have a good time and keep on diggin' in the darkest vinyl holes in the univers! cheers! norbert

  3. Lots of talent here. Thank you for posting. They'll be in their late 50s/early 60s now. Would be nice to know whether any of them made their career in music. Rgds.