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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Computerized Synthesized Organized - Rudy Rosa

Spiders And Snakes
You Only Live Twice
Computerized Synthesized Organized
Rudy Rosa With His Custom X66 Hammon
R&R Productions, Vienna, Virginia and Mangate, Florida

From the back cover: Both musically and electronically oriented, Rudy Rosa began his career at the age of six, giving him to date, over 24 years in the music field. Rudy designs, builds and services his equipment, and also recorded the master of this album, using his wife Sue, as chief engineer.

It is also interesting to note that Rudy cannot read a note of music, and never had a lesson on the organ. His father taught him to play the accordion by ear. Also the organ complex you see and hear on this album is one of a kind, and the sounds you hear can only be described in the same way. "Totally Unique." The Organ console basically is a Hammond X-66 used in companionship with an Arp synthesizer, along with a mass of other knobs and dials that gives it the appearance of a 747 cockpit. The only difference in this case, there is only one pilot, and also it will never get off the ground. However musically, it has risen high in the music world, and this can be witnessed by the crowds that flock to see Rudy perform at Manny's Surf And Turf Supper Club located in Fairfax, Virginia on the outskirts of the nations capitol, Washington, D.C.


  1. Oops, you have Michelle twice. You Only Live Twice is using the Michelle file. This is really neat stuff.

  2. Fixed. I never would have notice! Thanks!