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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Walking In The Sunshine - Dave & Susanne

The Dock At The Bay
Dave & Susanne
Walking In The Sunshine
Christy CLS-101

From the back cover: Dave and Susanne Phillips became a "group" when Dave gave Susanne an electric bass guitar instead of an engagement ring. Since then, they have both retired from their respective professions, she as a school teacher and he as an electronics technician. They left their home in California and began to do what they enjoy doing most... entertaining people.


  1. That's a great little cartoon of them on the back cover.

  2. The back cover cartoon was by Bob Hale, noted Seattle TV weatherman , back when cartoons were used on the forecast - the LP was recorded by and at the late Kearney Barton's studio, a N.W. legend.

  3. We saw them in Reno in the sixties. I have the " Walking in the Sunshine" album that they signed for us.

    Sylvia Parks

  4. my buddy found this album back when we were teens and it became one of our cult classic finds.. Susanne make me cry when she sings.. so sweet..