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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pure Gold - Mel Gaynor

It's Not Unusual
Pure Gold
Presenting The Golden Voice Of Mel Gaynor

From the back cover: Mel has, what is termed as a "clean" voice. Meaning, that he does not have to resort to "gimmicks" to make his audience appreciative. All too often vocalists hide their weak finish behind the volume of the orchestra.

The "skip" heard in the sample, It's Not Unusual is rather part of the recording session that wasn't edited out. This, I assume unintended effect, is heard on several tracks.

Love Story
What Now My Love
And I Love You So
It's Not Unusual
Hava Nagilla
I'm Coming Home
A Foggy Day
Let Me Try Again
My Way

1 comment:

  1. The edit appearing on the final record is hilarious. The 2nd attempt has the organ pulled back a little for a few notes, then it comes up to where it should be. I can't imagine sending that final tape to the press.