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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Put Yourself In Jon David's Mood

Theme From Mission Impossible - Eleanor Rigby
Put Yourself In Jon David's Mood
Souvenir Album

Foot Stompin' Music
In Heaven There Is No Beer
The Lonely Bull
Mr. Bojangles
If I Were A Rich Man
Until It's Time From You To Go
Theme From Shaft
Don't Rain On My Parade
Bye Bye Blues
Theme From Mission Impossible - Eleanor Rigby
Johnny's Theme And Cute
Rubber Duckie
Theme From Love Story
Promises Promises


  1. Holy Toledo! Mission: Impossible and Eleanor Rigby together? This is genius. The range of songs on this album is amazing. I'd love to hear the whole thing.

  2. Looks great. Thanks for this and all your other acts of generosity in enlightening the rest of us.

  3. This is John Farrell from the band...if anyone wants to talk call me 6077605000 I will fill you in

  4. John, this is Jim Boland. I am Mutt and Shawnee Lozzi's nephew. Back in 1979 you played for our Owego Free Academy prom at the High school. So our 40 th year reunion is going to be on July 19th 2019 at Tioga Downs (Friday night) and the committee is wondering if you still play and if you do, how much and if you are available that night. You can get it touch with me at or call me at 697-761-4522. Thanks