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Monday, July 15, 2019

Here's Your Request - Coburn's Colony Club Combo

Here's Your Request
Coburn's Colony Club Combo
Cover and Notes by "Red" Ashely
Photography by Don Johnson
Recorded At The Studio Of Film Associates, Inc. - Dayton, Ohio
Request Records - Dayton, Ohio
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio

From the back cover: Every evening at 9:00 o'clock (except Sunday), Bill Coburn and his Combo step into the spotlight at Dayton's own Colony Club. The beat is counted and Vic Tooker vocalizes on "Don't Forget Our Monday, (or whatever-day), Date" ... And it seems that the steady fans of the combo have kept that date, many, many times over the ten years that Bill's Band has been featured at the Colony!

Memories Of You
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
Dixie Banjo Medley
Sweet Georgia Brown
Jazz Me Blues
Satin Doll
Waitin For The Robert E. Lee
Wolverine Blues

1 comment:

  1. Excellent! Good to hear a drum solo from one of these groups.