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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dave Baney Hits The Mark

Dave Baney Hits The Mark

The Mark may have a room on The Delta Queen(?). The jacket notes were written by Vic Tooker, Musical Director For The Delta Steamboat Company.

Online references to Baney are few and far between. Incredibly, I blogged another earlier local press, Up Up and Away featuring Dave playing a local club with his brothers.

I found a commercial CD online attributed to a Dave Baney, So In Love With Jazz Guitar. I also found a photo of the artist that looks sort of like the photo of Baney found on the back cover of this LP.

Baney was a seasoned standup comic and guitarist. This LP is basically his act, stand-up and all. I chose the one track that features his excellent guitar playing.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I have this album as well because my step father was Red Ashley who was friends with Dave and did the art for the cover. I've loved this album since I was a kid and I think it was a major influence on my sense of humor.
    My mother recently had this album converted to CD so I've started listening to it again. When I found your article I asked her a few questions and did a little internet search.
    She was at the recording of this album and although I can't confirm it I swear she's the one that yells "Tell it like it is!".
    She said The Mark wasn't on the Delta Queen but was a club or bar in Cinci. I knew that Dave had a pretty serious drinking problem once upon a time so I was pleased to find out he had a pretty good career playing in Chicago until succumbing to emphysema in 2005.
    I couldn't find definitive proof but I'm certain the So In Love album is the same guy.
    I was also interested to find out the family name is actually Bany but they changed it so people would pronounce it correctly.
    Here is an interesting article about his brother John that mentions all the brothers.

    1. Dave Stone are you out there? Dave was my Dad and that is his last CD. I would love a copy on CD of hits the mark. contact me if you see this message -

  2. Thank you, Dave, for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Mark, I was Googling Dave Baney tonight when I encountered your site.

    I was a friend of Dave's down here in Cincinnati before he moved to Chicago, and can remember when he played the Flaming Pit in Springdale and Joe's Bar off of Fountain Square. He even asked me to bring my Ovation 12-string acoustic/electric by once in a while so he could play it.

    It's nice to hear of another album he had released.