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Friday, September 2, 2011

Themes Of The Smokies - Louis & Audrey Stamey

Cherokee Boogie
Themes Of The Smokies
Louis & Audrey Stamey
Mark Five CR-4609
Rite Record Production - Cincinnati, Ohio - 28522

From the back cover: This is the second LP for "The Cherokee Sweethearts", Louis and Audrey Stamey. You'll find in this collection of songs many of the ones you've heard them play during their many years as a featured attraction on the Indian Reservation in Cherokee, on TV, radio and in hundreds of personal appearances. This is "the music of the Hills," their music and yours.

The Stamey's worked out of Drexel, North Carolina.


  1. Thanks Mark. Indeed, it's another one of these Rite pressings I didn't have yet in my files.


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  3. What year did this record come out and are they still alive?? Anyone know?