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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everybody Is An Asshole - Couto And Mulligan

Everybody Is An Asshole To Somebody Sometime
Everybody Is An Asshole
Couto And Mulligan
Mullco - 1980


  1. Hah! My dad, knowing I collect vinyl, found this at a flea market today and dropped it off... I suppose he thought it was my unofficial theme song :D Your copy is MUCH cleaner than mine, which is full of clicks, pops and scratches, like icepick in the ear kind of way. Cheers! ~Mike

  2. My Gradndad had it on 45 and we thought it was the best thing ever as kids.

  3. I saw them do this live several times and I would like to think I could call Mike & Billy friend

  4. Thank you for posting this song. I used to listen to it as a kid (30 years ago). I couldn't stop laughing tonight listening to it again and I remembered most of the words! Lisa

  5. Hi guys, It's Becky from the Quality Inn in Tampa. What's up?