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Friday, September 23, 2011

Doing My Thing - Norm Paavola

Today Tomorrow Forever
Doing My Thing
Norm Paavola
Sound Associates - Grand Rapids, Michigan
SLP 162

This is an Elvis tribute album. The covers are OK. Nothing shocking to sample from. However, the last track on the B side was written by Eric Clark (lead guitar, piano and back-up) and sung in Paavola's "real" voice. There is a charming simplicity to this track that caught my attention.


  1. The track for your clip above is actually sung by Bill Bravada. He was another of the backup singers on the album and longtime friend of Norm's. Not sure if that what you meant by his real voice? He acually sounded much more like Elvis in his later years than on this album. Also, he was in a band with the guys called "The old friends band", then later a name change of "celebration". They were very popular for weddings and parties...

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  3. Thank you. I assumed that track was sung by Paavola.