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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Henry Lewis - Inside Of Your Love

Sing Me Sweet Songs Of Love
Henry Lewis
Inside Of Your Love
Burgundy Stereo LP #001

From the back cover: There are many singers that come to Music City every year. Very few have the talent and guts to stick it out. Henry Lewis happens to have both of these unique qualities.


  1. My Father was truly an amazing artist, thank you for your kind words.

    Tammy Lewis

    1. Dear Henry Lewis Family I am a cousin of Henry and his sister Bonnie Gay and parent who were my grandmothers nephews and nieces and since his passing I have been working on the family genealogy of the the Jernigan and have just a little on your families and would like to dedicate the book in my cousin Henry's memory. He was a true cousin, brother, true friend and artist that I admired so much in him, like a hero you might say. I wish all of you the best. I really loved Henry's music and what signed albums that he gave me are LP's and wish somehow I was able to attain CD's of his music but I am unable to find them. If you could help me in achieving his beautiful music on CD's I would appreciate it very much. I can be reached at 828-719-1919. My name is Seigler West and my father was know to Henry and his family Robert. Henry, Jimmy and Bonnie used to visit our family in Milford, Delaware and our families used to go to the Beach when I was young. Hope to here from any family member soon, please.

    2. Your Welcome, Henry touched many hearts in his life as well a his Aunt Irma and the to had that special love between them as family. There I so much your dad did in our lives specially mine. He was like his Aunt Irma when it came to the Lord, I remember the times he visited us in Milford, Delaware and he stayed in my room and I had to share my bed with him, and I was still awake when he got ready for bed an he would ask me the same question that jis Aunt Irma would ask "did you say your prayers to the lord and I said in a guilty look no and he said we need to give thanks to our Lord and he said the prayer with me just like a big brother. Your father was always a very important to me and I couldn't wait to see him again when he left. The memories I have of you father are many and love to share them to you. I used to play like I was a disk jockey and played hi songs over and over again. Tammy remember family in the present an passed I have found there is interesting history in that we should cherish. Take care, and give my regards to your mom and family and yourself.

  2. Our Father was amazing! Love you too Tammy! Can't belive I had never heard that song until I saw this post! I follow my sister when I say thank you...Watch for Kaylyn Lewis she follows in her grandfather's footsteps!

    Sheri Lewis

  3. Beautiful- thank you for sharing and keeping his music alive! His daughter Susan, is a good friend of mine and yet I've never heard any of her dad's music before... can't believe it didn't even occur to me to ask to hear it played. Thank you for this gift. LOVE it!!

  4. What a joy to listen to this precious piece of music. As one who loves Susan so dearly, I cherish this recording as a way to connect to her dad and to celebrate both of their astounding talent with music and singing. I absolutely love this song and will listen to it over and over. What a gift - thank you for sharing it with all of us. Amie

  5. I'm stunned by the subtle beauty of Henry's poetry, song, voice. Susan, you are such a treasure to me. You are still living the beauty. Thank you for letting me share this piece of your soul. Amy Ruff

  6. Thank you for this blog and the incredible gift of being able to "drop in" online and listen to my dad, Henry Lewis. This morning I woke up with one of his songs on my mind, and it was a comfort to hear him sing again tonight through this gorgeous song on your website. I am truly touched and am so grateful. Thank you again, Susan