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Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Bob Allen At The Christopher Inn - Volume Two

Wichita Lineman
More Bob Allen At The Christopher Inn
Volume Two

The Christopher Inn was a hotel located downtown in Columbus, Ohio. I believe the Inn was torn down in the late 80s. The jacket notes suggest that plans were in the works for an expansion to add 550 new guest rooms, housed in a crescent shape tower rising thirty stories above the entire complex. I assume, this is the odd looking building that you see in the illustration. That never happened.

I used to visit the lounge on occasion in the late 70s and may have seen Bob Allen play. As I remember, the lounge was a classic dark room.


  1. Bob Allen is great!

    And on Sunday March 6, 2011, Capital's Mees Hall was a cool place to be for smooth jazz and a noble mission. See Bob Allen on Channel 4 News in Columbus Ohio:

    Check out Bob's site: