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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Introducing The Andy Moder Quintet

By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Introducing The Andy Moder Quintet
Rite Record Productions and Manufacturing - Cincinnati, Ohio
1969 - #24763/24764

From the back cover: America's newest most exciting sound of the day. Their recording of "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" introduces their unique sound and fresh approach to a ballad. In this album they not only have a feel for jazz, but they are tempered with simplicity and good taste.

The Quintet entertains in Cincinnati, and surrounding area for many festival occasions.


  1. Tenor Man, did your mama send you to school to learn to play that bumpin' and grindin' raspy sound on your horn?

    I do declare, I haven't heard such wet *** noises since Ms Wilson vacated her apartment next door to move in with that nice Mr Drake who owns the Washateria.

  2. I need another bottle of Robitussin. Thanks for another gem of a post. Linked again via the PCL Link Dump. Thanks - Yuma.