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Friday, October 14, 2011

X-Plorations - The Torrent-Alexander Duo

Moon Of Manakoora
The Torrent-Alexander Duo
Featuring the Hammond X-66
Do-Re-Mi Records 33233-S

Shay Torrent was a ballpark organist for The Chicago White Socks and (from the back cover): Shay serves as official organist at Anaheim Stadium, Home of the California Angels. He and Axel Alexander met in Chicago and toured together according to the jacket notes.


  1. Great to see the cover of my Shay Torrent's (my Dad's) X-plorations album. My brother, Raybo Moore*, did the artwork (he's still an artist in Laporte, Colorado). I had the privilege of growing up in an amazing musical household, and with a truly great mom and dad.

    *Shay's actual name - William Donald Moore, 1919-2004.

    1. I just came across your father's wonderful rendition of Caravan on YouTube, in my journey to work out the kind of music I was going to start experimenting with on a recently gifted Hammond RT-3. I haven't been able to hear anymore of that "Sound Spectrum" album in the digital domain (& I don't have a turntable).
      Are you aware of any out there, or - as you suggested - are you able to oblige?
      He must have been a unique talent in the mid-century Hammond orbit!

  2. I remember seeing Shay Torrent and Axel Alexander at the Masonic Temple Auditorium in Detroit back in the early 60's. They had 5 Hammond organs up on the big stage, and they would run from organ to organ and play entire songs like that. It was a blast to see them perform. A couple of memorable performers that really gave me the impetus to continue my organ playing. I sure would like to know if anyone has or knows about any CD's of these two floating around. I'd like to purchase them. Thanks

    1. Mr. Anonymous - I am the Greg Moore (above). I have vinyls at home, and a computer program to make CD's from them. If you would like a few CD's, I'd be glad to send them (they are made as WAV, computer files, rather than mp3, which my computer resists ardently. All I'd need would be your address, and I'd be glad to send them free - that was Dad's style.

    2. I´m also one, who was lucky to see and hear The Torrent - Alexander Duo in action. I was in my early teens when they visited Gothenburg, Sweden in the 1960s and gave a concert in a museum. I suppose, sponsored by a local music store named Waidele. On that concert they played "just" two Hammond organs but that was great.
      I bought the X-Ploration LP and plays it whenever I will return to this memory. This concert was a big event for me then and I will always treasure it.
      I wonder if this was their first visit to Sweden or if they had friends here?
      Thanks for posting this and the link to Your other blog with
      info of Shay Torrent record "Sound spectrum" on Mercury.
      Thanks also to Greg Moore for info of the x-ploration artwork and your fathers real name.

      "Mr Anonymous" Sten from Sweden