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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Remember The Good Times - The Millionaires

Without You
Remember The Good Times
The Millionaires


  1. I found this LP record at a Garage sale
    it is signed by all four band members and
    it also has a note saying (All the best to Dee Dee from the Millionaires)
    I found a second LP record produced by Fly by Nite record . this record title is the Millionaires No date . The band members look
    ten or fifteen years older, also signed and the
    dedicated to (to Dee Dee all the best from the
    Millionaires) Side One (more than yesterday)
    (sweet gipsy rose) ( Ebb tide)( Evil ways)
    (Leroy Brown) I can not find this LP record on the internet Maybe you can shed some light on this

  2. What ever happened to Kelly Long, drummer for the Millionaires?

  3. They was a traveling show band out of Florida seen them play several times in Indianapolis