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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Note To The President - Randy Wallace

Note To The President
Note To The President
Randy Wallace
JRC (Jewel) - Cincinnati, Ohio - 83024

Although the name of the president the song title refers to is not mentioned on the jacket, Reagan became president in 1981 following Jimmy Carter. Note To The President was written by Wallace.

Generally I don't need to worry much about blogging local private press. Most artists are long gone from the scene and there is rarely a mention of them online. However, surprise, the song Note To The President is available by digital/purchase download. But apparently Wallace re-recorded the song for a later album titled Bringer of Light which can purchased online/download.

From the back cover: I believe in a bright future for our country as "... one nation, under God...", and as long as our Constitution continues to guarantee freedom of speech, I will ever declare it!

Even though the album is a curious hybrid between lounge and gospel I decided to post the LP here rather than my gospel blog. Even the gospel numbers are a bit lounge-like.

The mailing address for Wallace, from the back cover, is an Independence, Kentucky address. An address located about 3 miles from my house. Finding local records like this is what makes the collecting hobby exciting.

I refrain from posting samples if I find that the artist is still working. Maybe Randy will find this post and give me permission to post the original version of Note To The President?

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  1. Hey, Mark...Thanks & a sure do have my permission to post the original "Note to the President"....sent a copy of the original to Reagan (got a very nice form letter, once Secret Service listened &passed it on) and we did re-record it in 2006....