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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Popular Bells Of Stone Mountain - Herbie Koch

Never On A Sunday
Popular Bells Of Stone Mountain
Herbie Koch, Official Carillonneur, State Of Georgia

From the back cover: One of the most popular attractions at Historic Stone Mountain is the Schulmerich-designed "Carillon Americana". The carillon was given to the Park by the Coca-Cola Company after its exhibition at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. Since the installation of the 610-bell instrument, 122 new bell tones have been added, making it the world's largest carillon.


  1. Cool post, I just (this evening) discovered in my collection of LP's that have been in boxes, a Herbie Koch recording from the Stone Mountain series. This one is on the Americana Records label and looks as if it may be the first one in the series. It is "The Bells of Stone Mountain. It is quite interesting and reminds me of hearing it live back in the 60's as a young kid. I live in Atlanta but don't know the status of the carillon.

  2. it is still there playing music when i kayak by it. i believe now it is recordings of bells, however. the state sold the park to a private company a long time ago and that ended one state job.